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KEEPERGO Portable Safe - designed to protect your valuables on the beach, in the pool, in a hotel, in a theme park, in a car, etc. This safe is easy to use and has enough to accommodate all the necessary valuable items that you usually take with you.

KEEPERGO is ideal for protection against thieves: wallets, mobile phones, sunglasses, cameras, keys, identification cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards, passports, cash, jewelry, medicines.

The key features

Interior space

1440 cm cubes of interior space

Super light

Boxing weight 0.5 kg. only


Safe is equipped with a secure combination lock

Adjustable cable

The safe is supplied with an adjustable cable 43 cm long.


Resistant to rain, sun and heat. Resistant to theft and ruptures.

Valuable items

Ideal for any valuable item.

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